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Explore my projects dedicated to archival work, exhibition projects, and historical storytelling. From in-depth research papers to engaging visual presentations, my portfolio highlights my passion for bringing history to life and making it accessible to a wide audience.


This thesis and podcast capstone, created as part of my Master's degree, explores the transformative impact of performers Charlie Chaplin, Elsie Janis, and James Reese Europe during World War I, revealing how their patriotic service and entertainment work broke societal boundaries and shaped American culture.

  • Crafted scripts totaling 25+ pages all together for 5 podcast episodes

  • Recorded and edited episodes, being 24 minutes each on average, on Audacity audio software in 4 months

  • Designed website counterpart to promote and showcase podcast

Researched and crafted an exhibition panel about Latinx identity within the Kansas City chapter of MANA.

Two Steps Forward: Kansas City’s Salsa Music and Dance Community Oral History Project

Interviewed members of the salsa dancing and Latin music community in Kansas City for the Latinx Oral History Project.

Show Me Missouri Bicentennial

Wrote a paper and object description of a 19th-century Loyalty Oath to highlight the history of Missouri during the Reconstruction Era. Part of the Show Me Missouri Bicentennial.

Forgetting to Remember: Making America's Great War Monumental Again

This paper examines the memory of World War I in the United States during the interwar period. It focuses on the proliferation of memorials across the country as local communities honored and remembered the aid given by millions of soldiers. I analyze the histories of specific memorials, exploring the motivations behind their construction and their significance in preserving the memory of the war.

Bound to Cooking Exhibit Panel

Wrote a paper and object description of 19th-century cooking and dining artifacts used by enslaved people in the United States as part of a larger exhibit of the Archaeology of Slavery. Designed exhibit display case corresponding to paper detailing how enslaved people displayed resistance against oppression in multiple aspects of their lives, including through food and the creation of a sense of family.


Chaplin Days Event, Niles Silent Film Museum

Wrote and gave virtual presentations in 2020 and 2021 on Charlie Chaplin film The Bond (1918) and a biography about Jackie Coogan.

Presenter at Missouri Conference on History


  • Presented my paper "Forgetting to Remember: Making America's Great War Monumental Again" which explored examples of World War I memorials in the United States and how their legacy has changed in the 21st century since their creation in the interwar period.


  • Presented my paper "Showman's Land: Entertainment for the U.S. War Effort in World War I" which explored three entertainers from the film, theatre, and music industries who participated in American war effort work during the First World War.


The National World War I Museum and Memorial

Archived a wide range of objects in the 2-D and 3-D collections. I was responsible for photographing over 500 pieces of trench art, ensuring accurate documentation in the online collections database. Additionally, I performed accession entry into Excel for a significant donation of over 700 books, and catalogued primary sources using the PastPerfect museum software database, facilitating efficient access and preservation of historical materials.

Fort Pulaski National Monument, US National Park Service

Organized an archival collection of 19th century documents, creating a user-friendly finding aid for public access. I recorded and catalogued a diverse range of objects and documents spanning the 18th to the 20th century, including: letters, newspapers, diaries, books, photographs, other imagery, and military records, providing valuable access to the Fort's extensive inventory. Additionally, I performed meticulous accession input entry into an Excel spreadsheet, ensuring accurate and detailed records for hundreds of collection items.

See Finding Aid here

Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

Within the Archaeology Department, I captured high-quality photographs of more than 150 artifacts related to Jefferson's retreat home, utilizing editing techniques on Photoshop to enhance their visual presentation. I also handled a diverse range of 18th and 19th century objects, arranging them in storage containers and show boxes to ensure their preservation. Additionally, I utilized ReDiscovery archive software and GIS mapping software to document the archaeological collection.

Labudde Special Collections

Performed data entry tasks for a wide range of historic archival collections, including rare books, materials related to Kansas City, UMKC, LGBTQ+, and gender studies. I also provided  reference service by retrieving records and communicating guidelines to patrons. I processed and organized five new archival collections which each contained thousands of materials within them. Furthermore, I operated state-of-the-art, automated archival equipment that securely houses 80% of the library's extensive collection.


The United States World War One Centennial Commission

Conducted extensive genealogical research online, at the Library of Congress, and the National Archives to gather valuable information on American involvement in World War I. I utilized these resources to delve into the historical records and uncover fascinating details about individuals and their contributions during this significant period in order to lobby members of Congress for support of the new National World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C. I created a guideline for future genealogy research at the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission.

See genealogy guideline here

Historic Preservation

Rosin Preservation

Conducted research on historic buildings and neighborhoods in Kansas City and other states. This research was used to create historic surveys for the National Register of Historic Places, documenting the significance and architectural details of these structures. I utilized resources such as City Directories and Sanborn maps to gather information on addresses and specific characteristics of hundreds of historic buildings. I applied skills in Photoshop to edit site plans and used Microsoft Access and Excel to refine and enhance the historic surveys. The main project I worked on was the Westport Historic District Survey by researching and identifying eligible and non-eligible buildings for listing on the National and/or Kansas City Registers of Historic Places including survey form and survey report.

See Westport Survey Final Report here

Officially founded in 1972, PIN is America’s oldest, continually operating applied learning and research program for historic preservation. The mission of PIN is to help prepare the next generation of historic preservation leaders while documenting, researching, and conserving the Island community’s cultural resources. The summer program introduces students to the historic coastal community of Nantucket.

Course focused on Photogrammetry, Laserscanning, and various software like Photoscan, PointTools, AutoCAD, and more to process and edit images of historic sites. (3 graduate credit hours).


World War One Centennial Commission, WWriteBlog

Contributed an article to the WWriteBlog on The United States World War One Centennial Commission website. The purpose of the blog is to expand and modernize this complex space of memory by featuring writers and scholars inspired by writing or events of WWI. My published entry was a condensed version of my paper "Forgetting to Remember: Making America's Great War Monumental Again".

See blog entry here

Interview for The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, GingerBread Lane

Spoke about the latest exhibit, GingerBread Lane, as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures.

See interview here

Interview for History with Jackson

Spoke about my research Showman's Land with fellow historian, Jackson van Uden on his podcast that focuses on bringing history to the public.

Listen to interview here

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